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    Welcome on NEARCTIS website


    NEARCTIS [A Network of Excellence for Advanced Road Cooperative traffic management in the Information Society] is an Academic Network gathering the main teams working on the field of traffic management and optimisation, with a particular focus on cooperative systems for road traffic optimisation, but it covers a wider scope as it appears that cooperative systems have to be integrated into the whole traffic management systems.

    This aims to develop systems able to cope with what are the main problems at stake: safety, energy consumption, environmental impacts and congestion as an obstacle to elaborating the main elements of this reach institute: building a consistent research program, defining a set of shared resources (data, experimental means, bibliographical databases), organising the spreading of the knowledge and research results.


    Contact information

    • Nour-Eddin EL FAOUZI (IFSTTAR) - info@nearctis.org

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    NEARCTIS is supported by funding under the seventh Research Framework Programme of the European Commission


    Although this is an EU-funded network, neither the European Union nor the European Commission shall be held responsible for the content or the views expressed on this website.

    Latest News


    Nearctis Final Event

    June 6, 2013 - Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

    Category: Highlights , NEARCTIS Meetings


    TRB 2013 - NEARCTIS presentations

    January 13-17, 2013 Washington, D.C.

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